The Peddler Show is a great place to find all sorts of great items for the holidays.  It is always a fun place to shop, and we are lucky to be able to shop at the Peddler Show a few times a year.   However, it is time to start thinking about Christmas, in fact we are 83 days away and this show will be ready with great gifts and of course great Christmas decor. Plus, it'll be your last chance to pick up items from these vendors before Christmas.


So one of the great things about this show is the food. They have tons of food.  They have great items that can help you make the best dishes at your next holiday meal and they have the best food to just snack on and enjoy for the next couple of days after you buy them.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stock up on all the great coffees, soups, dips, and dessert mixes.

Not only do they have great food, they have all the great tools you need to make that food, from knives, to pans, to storage.  They have everything that you'll kitchen will love.

If you love to decorate then the Peddler Show is for you.  You'll have a chance to purchase new decor for your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating.

If style is your thing, then don't miss out on the great fashion you can purchase at the Peddler Show. Find the perfect outfit for you, your daughter, your son, a new baby or even your pet.

And…the jewelry. You could find a piece for every outfit you own.

Did I mention shoes?

Find relief for all sorts of pain.

So many wonderful things await you inside the Peddler Show this weekend.

Did I mention the gourmet caramel apples? Any where from cheesecake, to rocky road, to outrageous covered caramel, to apples covered in white chocolate and M&Ms, (for me this is the only reason to go) Yeah, they have them! Lots of them.

Admission :
$7 Adults
Children Under 5 FREE!
One Admission Good ALL WEEKEND!

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Hours :
Friday: 11am for the sneak peek hour, Noon-7pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

General Information

The Peddler Show offers shoppers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that can’t be duplicated. Whether your style is trendy or traditional, classic or contemporary, you’re sure to find that perfect gift at The Peddler Show!

Whether you’re looking for personalized designs, creative gifts or unique jewelry, the Peddler Show has it all! It’s the perfect street of shops-customized just for you! Don’t miss the shopping experience designed to be as individual and unique as you are!