A recent survey by Jeep reveals that 56% of men are likely to undergo a 'lifestyle overhaul' in their mid-forties. Read on for other findings. 

  • 33% of people say the stereotypical image of a midlife crisis is completely outdated. 25% feel the term midlife crisis is cliche
  • The average midlife crisis begins at 45 and typically lasts for a year and three months
  • 66% of people say the term 'midlife crisis' is just a throwaway term people use to describe men over 40

Outdated signs of a traditional midlife crisis include: buying a convertible, having an affair, dying your hair, taking up golf and nightclubbing.

What you can do to ease the midlife crisis:

  • Remember that your feelings aren't commands. You don't have to escape your home, job, or marriage.
  • Be thankful for the good things. Take time to be grateful for the parts of your life that make you happy.
  • Talk it over. Before major decisions are made, discuss them with someone who is a trusted confidant.
  • Ask whether your wishes are realistic.
  • Avoid jolting your loved ones. Remember, your family is affected as much as you are.