Every year we designate two full days of broadcasting to the Children's Miracle Network as we help raise money that will stay right here in the Texas Panhandle.

During our broadcast, you will hear us talk about different items that we will go shopping for. Some of these items are not readily available or things that you can run down to the local 'box store' to purchase. So, I thought we would show you some pictures of the items that we go shopping for.

'Child Crib with Safety Extender' costs $2,800 each.

These cribs are specially designed, so that the Doctor's can treat the babies without a lot of disruption, plus all the cords can be kept out of the way during checkups.

Giraffe Bed-$25,000


CMN Radiothon


Giraffe Bed's are used for pre-term infants and cost $25,000 for just one. Because the babies skin is like tissue paper and very fragile, mobility should be kept to a minimum. With the touch of a button, the Giraffe bed can convert from an Incubator to a Radiant Warmer.





CMN Radiothon


The Bilicheck is a non-invasive unit that can be a quick indicator of lab values that can do many things; including checking the tempature of the baby without using needles.