Now guys, don't get worried and start running to the store to get a gift. It's not that kind of Girlfriend's Day. It's a day about how women, can celebrate their friendship with their best girls. How do you celebrate Girlfriend's Day? That's pretty easy!

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    Coffee Break

    Why not head on over to your favorite coffee shop and order up your favorite coffee. Shoot the breeze for a little while, gossip about your co-workers, chat over a TV show, talk about your relationships or plan a weekend getaway. Coffee and Friends, it doesn't get any better.

    flickr/Ballistik Coffee Boy
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    Ice Cream

    Call your best girls up this afternoon. Run to the store get two containers of the best ice cream and some delicious toppings and have a sundae party with your best girl pals, or head to your favorite ice cream shop. Laugh together about how this will go straight to your hips, but no worries, you'll work it off on the treadmill later.

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    Walk In the Park

    If you aren't into eating Ice Cream, call the girls up and have them meet you in the park. Then walk around the park two or three times talking about your day.

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    Dinner and Movie

    Call the girls up and say hey, let's go grab dinner tonight. Eat dinner at your favorite restaurant with your favorite girls. Eat your favorite food and have your favorite cocktail. Then head on over to your favorite movie theater and check out the latest chick flick (you know the one that the better half won't go see.) How about Crazy, Stupid, Love, or Friends with Benefits.

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    Pedi and Mani

    Here is the best way to celebrate National Girlfriends Day. Get together after work, and enjoy some time together pampering yourself. There isn't a better time to catch up with the girls, especially when you are pampering yourself. Plus you have your best pals there to suggest the perfect color or design. Not only that, the nail salon, offers beverages to help you relax even further.