Jessica Simpson, just had her baby girl, Maxwell Drew and now comes the challenge of dropping all that baby weight.

If you thought you were tired of Jennifer Hudson all over Weight Watcher commercials, billboards, web banners, etc., get ready because Jessica Simpson is taking over.  She signed a $3 million deal with Weight Watchers in December

It isn't easy to lose baby weight.  It seems that celebrities pop out babies and poof they automatically go back to their post baby weight.  However, for real humans, it doesn't seem to be that easy.

I'll admit, I gained 75 pounds with Ethan, that is a ton of weight.  He was my first baby so I didn't realize that I had gained that much.  I am still carrying half of that weight I gained.  I haven't been that disciplined and 5 years later, I am working to get off the rest of that and then some.

It is a challenge to lose weight.  So I completely feel for Jessica Simpson because it looks like she put on quite a bit of that baby weight.  However, she has a whole Weight Watchers team behind her to get the weight off.  So go Jessica!!!  She will be smokin' hot in time for her wedding and back into her Daisy Duke shape!