I must live in a bubble because I did not know a thing about Jim Cantore until this morning.  I came into work wanting to check on Tropical Storm Issac because I have friends in New Orleans.  What I found was a guy talking about the weather who looks like he should be in a body building competition.

When I think of meteorologists I think of the ones in our area. Yes, they keep themselves fit most of the time. However, I could have never imagined that you would find a meteorologist who looks like this.

Here's the video I ran across

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Apparently Jim Cantore has been with the Weather Channel 25 years.  I guess I don't watch The Weather Channel that often because I did not know this guy existed in the weather world.  He is known for covering major weather events.

This guy looks like Stanley Tucci on steroids.

Update on Issac:

Tropical Storm Isaac is now officially Hurricane Isaac with wind speeds as high as 75 mph.   The National Hurricane Center is forecasting that the storm will make landfall south of New Orleans early Wednesday as a category 1 or category 2 hurricane.