You know when I think of Jingles, the tiny little tunes advertisers use to brand their business, I think of the movie Demolition Man, about society in a far future who has a radio station that is nothing but old jingles. Well I started thinking what are some of the local jingles we have all heard that we love to hate. You know those jingles that get stuck in your head and won't leave. What do you say...follow me into that world for a bit. Some of these businesses still exist some do not.

  • Cattle Call

    What can I say, it is annoying but it gets stuck in your head! "What'd you say..."

    Cattle Call - Facebook
  • Danny Benites

    This jingle always made me laugh. It was genius! In a time when everybody was asking "Who's Your Daddy" they went with the play on words aspect, "Who's Your Danny."

    flickr-charles williams
  • Crawford Door

    This got stuck in my head so many times over the years. It got to the point I subconsciously would start singing anytime someone would mention the word garage door.

  • Mr. Gatti's

    I bet you still know what number to call to get a Mr. Gatti's Pizza delivered.

  • Dennis the Price Menace Liquor

    You know that hand crampin' cold cold beer.

  • Buffalo Nickel

    This jingle for some reason always made me think of "Saved By the Bell"

  • All Digital Connections

    It was catchy and got stuck in your head.

  • Jump N Jive

    Bounce and dive and fall on your rump... Need I say more?

  • M&R Liquor

    How does one sock it in your pocket?

  • Quick Quack

    How do you get your car squeaky clean? By Ducking in then Ducking Out.

    Or better yet, Don't Drive Dirty!

  • Jiffy Lube

    Who keeps Amarillo running smooth

  • The Bear Mill

    I try to like this jingle but I can't. Every time I hear it it makes me want to cut my ears off.

    The Bearmill
  • Mix 94.1

    Out of all the above jingles. This has to be my favorite!

    Mix 94.1