More often than not, most women do not get paid as much as men.  That includes women in the same position as a man.  Whether it is fair or not that's just how it goes.  However, there are jobs where women get paid more than men, you just never really hear about them.

#1.) Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers. The median salary for both sexes combined is $612 a week, and the median for just women is $614 a week.

They don't even have the individual salary stats for men, because 98% of preschool and kindergarten teachers are female.

#2.)  Teaching Assistants. Male teaching assistants earn a median income of $453 a week, compared to $474 for women, which is 5% more.

#3.)  Mechanics. Whether you're talking about car mechanics or aircraft mechanics, women earn slightly more in both jobs.  But 97% of mechanics are men.

#4.)  Dieticians and Nutritionists. 83% of them are female, and women earn $11 more per week than the median salary for both sexes.

#5.)  Busboys. Busboys earn about 11% less than bus-girls do.  Each week, the median income for a female busser or barback is $400, compared to $360 for guys.  And that works out to an extra $2,000 a year.

#6.)  Occupational Therapists. According to the stats, female therapists make slightly more than men.  And according to Forbes, it's one of the best-paying jobs for women.

The median income for a female occupational therapist is around $60,000 a year, and some make closer to $100,000 a year.