Sunday, June 10th is officially Iced Tea Day and I LOVE iced tea.  I have drank this lovely stuff since I was able to drink.  It is my choice of beverage.  I'm not a soda drinker but I will drink gallons of iced tea.

I remember I had been in college about a year and my family was going to Canada for a huge family reunion.  I had never been to Canada so I decided to go.  When we got to our place for the family reunion (we were there for a week) they asked if I would like something to drink and I asked for some iced tea.  Well they brought me a bottle of Lipton Lemon Iced tea.  I kinda giggled and ask if this was what they considered iced tea.

Their answer to that question was yes.  So as a proud Texan I taught them how to make southern iced tea and they liked it.   So I left a little bit of Texas in Edmonton, Canada that year.

So in honor of the upcoming iced tea day where is your favorite place to get iced tea in Amarillo.