Here I am facing a cheesy little problem in my life.  My son is on a dinosaur kick right now.  You take a kid to one dinosaur museum and he is into dinosaurs all of a sudden.  Sheesh.  I say that all in jest, but I find myself with a dino problem.

After our trip to the dinosaur museum, E. wanted to watch Jurassic Park.  Luckily it was coming on one of the movie channels so I recorded it for him.   Since then we have watch that movie for what seems like a thousand times.  Heck we even watched it last night, but thanks to Nick, and the other kids channels my child now knows that Jurrasic Park will be in theaters and in 3D none the less and he is super excited.


So here's my problem, we have already seen the movie a gazillion times.  Will this movie be better in 3D and on an IMAX screen?  Yes, T-Rex might try to eat us, and yes that creepy evil raptor may pop out at us, but is the cost worth a 20-year old movie in 3D?  We are talking $15 a ticket.

Don't get me wrong, I don't give in to his wants very often, but he seems adamant.

How do you feel about taking your kids to 3D movies?  What about 3D movies of a movie you have already seen a thousand times?