Mix 94.1 is gearing up for our Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon  June 2nd and June 3rd.  Over the next few weeks we would like to introduce you to some of our CMN Kiddos who are near and dear to our heart.  This week we would like to introduce you to Karon Silva.

Story Courtesy of Elizabeth Barclay

Karon is a full of life 8 year old.  She is the oldest of

three children.  Karon has had many trials within her life already.   Elizabeth had a normal pregnancy and Karon was a normal newborn.  Then at two-weeks of age Karon started having seizures, asthma, and other medical problems.  They went to sever doctors and they couldn't figure out what was going on.  It was only when they went to Dr. Medford when Karon was about three that they put a plan of action in place.

Karon has seizures daily, sometimes several times per day.  Many make her tired, confused, upset and emotional.  Due to Karon's condition she has had to relearn how to do everyday things we take for granted.   She has had to relearn how to read, write, open a crayon box or how to turn on a light switch.  Karon has memory problems and cannot remember how to swim, ride a bike without training wheels, or even people.

Karon has been through many medication changes and has been to specialists in Lubbock, San Antonio, San Angelo, Houston and Fort Worth.  Currently she is having to see her neurologist in Fort Worth every 6 months and check in with him via phone every 3 months.

We as a team have fought right along with Karon, all her life to get her seizures controlled.  It has been a hard battle.

The doctors are not exactly sure why Karon has epilepsy and not sure she will ever grow out of it.   Karon's seizures are all over her brain and not localized to one spot, therefore, she is not a candidate for surgery to stop the seizures.

Karon is 8 years old and she doesn't know what life is like without having to battle epilepsy.  She has been in and out of hospitals for testing, seizures, sickness and more.  Hospitals like Cook's Childrens Hospital and here at home at BSA Hospital.    She lets the doctors and nurses do what they need to do, and doesn't not fight them when they have to do IV's or when they have to attache electrodes on her head.

Karon has a seizure alert dog named Boston that goes everywhere with her.  He is able to detect Karon's seizures before they happen and then stays with her through them to comfort her.

No matter what Karon has been through she tried her hardest to keep up beat about things and keeps pushing through.

CMN has helped to make sure they can get to Karon's specialist in Ft. Worth.  Anytime Karon has been admitted to BSA Hospital, CMN has been there to help the doctors or nurses to get the information to treat Karon.  CMN has also helped with keeping Karon comfortable with toys, crafts, games and moves to watch while in the hospital.  They also help entertain her siblings as well.

Karon is one of the many children that has been helped by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  Join us on June 2nd and 3rd as we help raise money for this wonderful organization.  100% of the money we raise will stay here in Amarillo to help the children of the Texas Panhandle.  Open your hearts and get ready to meet some wonderful families as they tell their stories of how Children’s Miracle Network has helped their children.

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