UPDATE: According to Katy Perry's label, this press release is fake. Darn. We were so excited!

What's that we hear? Is it a primal 'ROAR' from the lioness of pop music, Miss Katy Perry? Hell yeah it is. The singer will drop 'ROAR,' the first single from her new album 'Prism,' on Aug. 9 at radio. It will go on sale a few days later.

With an all-caps title, which amounts to yelling in keyboard etiquette, Perry appears to be making a statement with the first single from the follow up to 'Teenage Dream.' She's back and she wants to be heard.

Perry piled up the No. 1 singles on 'Teenage Dream,' and we're going to go out on a limb here and guess that Perry and her radio team at Capitol are gunning for another smash... several of 'em, in fact.

The song will be available for purchase digitally on Aug. 13 and will appear on the singer's third album 'Prism,' which lands on Oct. 22, three days before she turns 29.

The first run of the album will have a limited edition lenticular cover.

All of this news is via a press release that appears to have leaked a day early and was posted here.

Can we mention that Perry's 'ROAR' is landing on Aug. 13, a few days ahead of Lady Gaga's 'Applause,' which drops on Aug. 19.

PopCrushers, will you be ROARING or offering a round of 'Applause?' Or both? This is going to be an epic clash of pop divas. Quick, someone get us the popcorn so we can have a ringside seat, because Katy and Gaga are two of our faves.