When it comes to food directed at kids,  you can be sure there is an adult out there that will be in love with it as well.  However, is it really cool for an adult to be walking around with a juice box.  Let's face it, it looks just plain silly.  However, we all have done it hoping no one is watching.  So here's a list of the 5 Kid's foods that we as adults secretly love.

Since I've already mentioned it


I'll be honest, I have waited until my son goes to bed so I can sneak one out of the fridge.  Shhhh!  Don't tell anyone.


Oh yes, the infinite SpaghettiO's (with meatballs).  I love these things.  I will buy these for E. just so I can have a bowl with him.  However, if you bring me SpaghettiO's with franks, I will throw the can at you.  YUCK!  There is no need for that grossness.


It is yogurt in a tube!  It is portable, easy to eat, and really isn't messy.  I would eat a GoGurt any day over those yogurt containers.  Here's why, the messy foil lids, you get yogurt on your hands when you are trying to dig the spoon in to get that last bite.  They don't have awesome pictures of the Minions, Scooby Doo, Spongebob or Scully and Mike.



I am a sucker for gummies.  I love gummies.  Life Savers, Bears, smiles, Spongbob, worms, sour, Scooby, Spiderman, fruit, blobs, etc.  I buy them in the big boxes and I will have a pack of gummies as a snack with my kid.


I have a habit of eating cheese and crackers with small pieces of turkey.  So why not just grab a Lunchable.  I have been know to run down the block when I have nothing for lunch and grab a Lunchable (of course it is the one with the Capri Sun).

Did you catch that?  I brought it full circle.

What is the kid food that you secretly love?