Lady Gaga is the type of person people love to keep their eye on just to find out what she is going to do next. I guess that is why she can sell magazines just by being on the cover.

However, you would think Taylor Swift could do the exact same thing because she's Taylor Swift.  It seems ever thing she touches turns to gold but that doesn't seem to be work with magazines where she graces the cover.

Lady Gaga was the hottest cover girl in 2010.

The singer with the wild fashion style was a runaway hit for both monthly and biweekly magazines sold on the newsstand, according to

Cosmopolitan magazine's April issue with Gaga on the cover sold 1.7 million copies.  Her gun-totin' July 8 Rolling Stone cover translated into newsstand sales of 245,000 copies, nearly three times better than the year's average.

Gaga's Vanity Fair cover in September sold 450,000 copies, the magazine's second-best seller of the year.

The worst seller of the year (through October) for Elle magazine featured Swift on its cover. The teen crooner's November Glamour cover also had disappointing sales. When she was featured on Marie Claire in July, the magazine experienced its third-worst-selling issue through October.

(via Lady Gaga top selling newsstand cover girl; Rihanna sold big but Taylor Swift & Blake Lively tanked.)

Maybe Taylor should start thinking about wearing meat dresses.