So I had a moment of horror this weekend.  I started doing my laundry yesterday and I reached over and turned on the dryer to fluff the clothes in there so I could hang them up wrinkle free.  Once I turned it on I hear a thump, then another thump. 

My first thought was what did Ethan throw in here, but when I stopped the dryer and opened the door my heart filled with horror.  I saw the cute little face of my cat.  My poor Astro Kitty had his bell rung.

I grabbed him ran to the living room with tears running down my cheeks.  I felt horrible.  The cat was fine but my heart was not.

I didn't have any reason to think my cat would ever jump into the dryer for nap, he usually sleeps in the laundry baskets or on Ethan's bed.  He has never crawled into the dryer, and to top that off the clothes were not even warm.

I guess Astro and I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  I will always check the dryer for the cat and I'm sure he won't ever crawl back in there for a cat nap, or his cat nap will turn in to a tilt-a-whirl.