I understand how some people like to spoil their pet animals.  Hence the reason dog spas have popped up all over the place.  However, I really never thought that a chicken would be constituted as a pet?  I know growing up, my grandparents raised chickens but it was for food.  Do folks in the UK have different love for different animals.  Are chickens seen as everyday pets?  They would have to be to have a Chicken Hotel.Chicken

You read that right.  A Chicken Hotel.  A hotel for chickens.  This particular hotel is in the UK however, I'm sure that one might exist right here in the U.S of A.

I get the reason for it, however, if you are a person who has a flock of chickens and you want to leave town, isn't that what friends and family are for?  Don't they usually watch a farm?  Or at the least hire the teenager down the road.


Check out some of the services The Chicken Hotel offers:

Chicken chauffeur
We are pleased to be able to offer a special chauffeur service as we understand that our guests human carers aren't always able to offer you suitable transportation.


We'll trim your chickens nails and even use emery boards to gently round the tips! In the wild, Chicken ancestors nails would naturally be worn down through scrabbling. But through breeding and domestic enclosures they often don't wear down (especially with lighter breeds like bantams). Roosters nails are especially a problem for the backs of their lady-friends.

Sharp pointy beak? Eating your own eggs? Want a cute, trimmed and rounded schnozle? When you book in for a stay why not add a beak-trim! Gently clipped tips and filed with a slight natural round, if they could smile I'm sure they would.

That is just to name a few.

It is pretty much a babysitting service for chickens.

However, I just don't understand why someone would spend money on this sort of thing, but then again, I wouldn't take my pets to a dog spa or dog hotel just because I cannot afford to spend money on pet luxuries.

Would you use a Chicken Hotel if you had chickens?