If you are a Donald Trump supporter in this year's election, you may have trouble getting a date. Read on to find out your chances.

A new survey by the dating site Plenty of Fish reveals that only 33% of women would be willing to date a Donald Trump supporter. Other findings:

  • 27% of singles are on the fence about dating a Donald Trump supporter.
  • 58% of men, who support Donald Trump for president, would be willing to date a Democrat.
  • Only 19% of Democrat women would be willing to give a male Donald Trump supporter a chance.
  • 25% of singles will not date someone, who has drastically different political views than their own

What I want to know is, how much of a chance would a guy have if he had Donald Trump's hairstyle?  What if the guy was as RICH as Donald Trump?  I would imagine his chances would go through the roof!