One of my favorite Eddie Murphy movies is 'Beverly Hills Cop.'

In 1984, Murphy was not yet a Box Office Super-Star but he was one of the shinning lights from 'Saturday Night Live.'

The plot: After a friend of Axel Foley is murdered in Detroit, Detective Foley follows the clues and is lead to Beverly Hills to track down his friend's killer.

Here are a few little known facts about one of the biggest movies from 1984.

  • Sylvester Stallone was originally going to star in the lead role
  • The scene where Axel Foley drives into Beverly Hills for the first time is a 'tip of the hat' to the opening of The Beverly Hillbillies.'
  • After having coffee for the first time, Murphy was so hopped up on caffeine that the whole 'super cop' scene was completely improvised.
  • Originally two actors were in the Art Gallery scene, but because of the power Bronson Pinchot's 'Serge,' the second actors role was scaled way back to give more screen time to Pinchot.
  • Inspector Todd of Detroit was played by real-life Detroit Detective Gilbert R. Hill.
  • It was the highest grossing R-rated film until 2004.
  • Director Martin Brest flipped a coin to decide on whether to helm the film or not. That quarter is now framed and hangs on his wall.
  • Richard Pryor was part of the writing staff on this film.
  • When Police Chief Hubbard calls Rosewood "Rosemont,' this is an actual blooper left into the film.
  • Earlier in that same scene you will notice that the Chief is holding a rolled up piece of paper. This is a copy of that days shooting script.
  • Eddie Murphy was the last actor cast for the movie.