Picking that perfect gift can be a challenge at times. It depends on who you are buying for, what their preferences are, and what's available in Amarillo.

The last days to shop for Christmas 2012 are approaching and the next few weeks will turn into a frenzy of shoppers at the mall and other stores. When looking for the perfect gift it helps to keep your eyes open to the local businesses as well as the national chains. The national chains have saturated the television with commercials for their products, but if you looking for that one-of-a-kind item it's better to take a look at your local stores.

Below is a list of items that you can probably only find in a local store that will definitely put a smiles on people's faces.

Silverland - Fantastic Tuscan Wall Panels

This is a weathered, rustic and complimentary collection of wall panels that can accent almost any decor. For those shopping for the decorators in their lives, you can't go wrong with this item. I know my wife would light up after opening this gift.


Top Notch Outfitters - Fly Fishing Equiment

It can be difficult to find high quality fly fishing gear and flys in Amarillo, and if you do, it's hard to find someone who's knowledgeable about the gear. For those buying for a fisherman this year, this is a great local place that can not only supply some great fishing gear, but also has staff that can help you pick exactly what your 'fisherman' is looking for.


Roasters Coffee & Tea Company - Bodum Blade Grinder & French Press

For those of us who love our coffee, we know that it is sacred. For the true coffee lover, a cup of Folgers just doesn't cut it. Fresh ground beans pushed through a french press gives that flavor and richness that you can't get from a drip pot. If you're shopping for a coffee lover, you will definitely see a big smile when they open this gift along with a fresh bag of dark roast beans from Roasters. I love this place.


Carries Collectables - Antique Potting

If you're shopping for an antique lover, it is crucial that you know their taste and what they look for. If you are shopping for a person who loves antique potting and clay work, then Carrie's can really offer just about everything you could ask for. Imagine if you were able to complete a collection and the joy it would bring to that person on Christmas morning.


Outdoor Element Sports - Mountain Bike

Do you have a mountain biker in your family? Imagine rolling this in after they open all of the 'other' Christmas presents. They would totally freak out. There is no greater gift for a mountain biker than a new bike that can handle any punishment they are willing to put it through. This will definitely make for a Merry Christmas.