Let me just preface this with I hate yard work.  I loathe it! Now I don't mind working in my flower beds but the yard is a different beast all together.  However, over the weekend I had to venture into the yard with the yard equipment.

SandyI had to mow my back yard because it was beginning to look like the Amazon rain forest.  Let me just say after the drought last year, my yard is small patches of grass and big patches of weeds.  I have a HUGE backyard.

So Saturday morning I ventured into the wild and mowed down the weeds.  That was no small feat.  It was not a fun job, but I got it done.  However, I am saddened that my yard is far from the pretty yard it was years ago.  Darn drought.  I'm a penny pincher, I didn't water it as often as I should have because I didn't want the obscene water bill.  So I sacrificed my yard.

I bought some weed killer last year when I started seeing the weeds and clover taking over my backyard but I never used it.  The warning label scared me, wear long sleeves and long pants, do not come into contact with skin, etc. I was like well if its gonna kill me I'm not gonna use it.  But, that all changed yesterday afternoon.

I grabbed the weed killer, my new hose, my weed killer dispenser.  I read the instructions, put one ounce in the containter turned on the water, started spraying the yard and in no time that ounce was gone and I has 3/4 of my yard left to spray.  So I poured in move and adjusted the water and still ran through it.

So I have come to the conclusion that I really took out those nasty weeds or I will check on my yard this afternoon and I will have killed the entire thing.

Just another reason why I hate yard work.

So do you like working on the yard or am I the only one?