I like to drink coffee when I'm at work.  I drink way too much of it but ,sometimes coffee is my breakfast and lunch.  I know it's not very healthy but it is what it is (yes, that is one of my favorite sayings).  However, I don't just drink black coffee, I have to have it sweet with cream.  Creamer is expensive and I don't like the powder stuff.   Here is what I did.

I decided to make my own coffee creamer.  How do you do that you might ask?  Over the holidays I was at my mom's and she uses the powdered creamer, and like I said, I don't like it.  So, I found some half and half in her refrigerator and some vanilla in her cabinet and added a little of both to my coffee.  Voila!  Coffee creamer made easy.

Lori Crofford

You see I would go to Sam's and buy a case of the individual french vanilla coffee creamers and go through it in now time and that stuff started getting expensive and well fattening. I don't want a bunch of empty calories and fat in my coffee creamer.

So one day I was standing in the store and I saw fat free half and half so I bought it.  The big one not the pint.  Then I went to the baking aisle and bought a cheap bottle of vanilla.  When I got home I poured half the bottle of vanilla into the half and half and there was my homemade coffee creamer.

It's 20 calories per tablespoon and no fat and no sugar because I use Splenda.  Yippee!

Simple, easy, and cheap and it lasts about 3 weeks.

Although I like vanilla, I'm sure you could add your own favorite flavors.  Just buy a bottle of your favorite extract.

I just finished my last carton off this morning.  Time to go to the store for more half and half.