So it happened, my baby grew up.  As a mom that is a tough thing to handle.  Of course you cannot stop it, it just happens, kids grow up.  Well this momma got a double whammy of growing up.

Last night E and I were Skyping with his grandparents and he was showing off his loose tooth and PeePaw being PeePaw said pull that tooth.  E looked at me and said, "Momma, pull on it."  I did and it came out.

So my baby lost his first tooth.

I took that one OK, but then the reality hit of my baby starting his first day of school.  Let's just say my night at home last night was sleepless and very emotional.

So when the alarm went off this morning, our school routing started.  I got dressed, and woke E up.  First, we had to check and see if the Tooth Fairy visited and well the Tooth Fairy came and dropped off $5.  Seriously $5?  I only got $1, but she did leave a note telling E to have a good day at his first day of school and that the first tooth is always the best so each tooth after would only be $1.  Smart fairy.  So E got dressed in his brand new school outfit.

He ate breakfast, took his vitamins, then we took our first day of school pictures.  Then he grabbed his backpack and out the door we went.  Walking up to the school I could tell he was getting super excited with every step.

We made it into the school and he saw his friends and they were laughing and giggling and being excited together.  Then it was the walk to the classroom.  I could fell the tears welling up, but I kept telling myself not here, not here.  So I dropped him off and gave him a big hug and held back the Mommy tears.

I even made it through the walk back to the car tear free, but it was when I shut the door onto the car that the tears came and wouldn't stop.

So, as a mom I survived walking my kindergartener to his first day of school.

I just hope he has a great story to tell me when I pick him up this afternoon.

So mom's I am right there with you if you dropped your baby off at school today for the very first time.