Music is all around us.  It is what makes life fun.  The thing about music is it can be life changing.  You can find a song for anything.  Any mood, any occasion, any event, anything.  So when it comes to finding a new artist (or a new to you artist) and music, it's like finding treasure.

Let's face it, I have a playlist I listen to when I'm angry.  I have a playlist when I'm happy.  I have a playlist for when I mow the lawn, and when I workout.  I have a playlist when I'm feeling in love.  I have a playlist when I'm feeling goofy.  I have an angry chick song playlist that I put together for a friend that we listen to when the men in our life drive us crazy.  There is a song for everything.  That's why l love exploring new music.

Now I work in a business where I'm surround by music every single day.  I find myself in a music bubble every now and then.  Sometimes I forget to take myself out of that bubble and check out other music.  Sometimes it takes someone saying hey Lori you need to check out this artist.   I think you will really like them.    That is exactly what happened recently.  I love it when people do this for me for the simple fact, it opens up a whole new world of music for me and introduces me to something amazing.

So a few weeks ago a very handsome fellow sent me a link to a YouTube video and told me to check it out.  So I did and I was instantly amazed and knew I had found something truly great.

Ryan Adams

I remember texting that handsome fellow back going, that guy is amazing.

I never really gave Ryan Adams a chance when it came to his music.  All I knew about the guy was the I'm Ryan "Don't Call me Bryan" Adams.  I knew he was married to Mandi Moore at one point in time and his songs are featured on a lot of movie soundtracks. Now that I have started listening to more of his music,  I find myself recognizing his songs.   Ryan Adams is also an amazing songwriter and a lot of other artists have recorded his music.

Plus he is passionate about his music and very humble about it as well.  You can see it in his live performances.

Here is one of his amazing concerts.  I will warn you that is does contain some NSFW language.  However, I find myself turning this on in the background and working.

Damien Rice

I was having dinner with a friend one night and we were talking music.  He mentioned a guy by the name of Damien Rice.  Ask me if I had ever heard of him and I said no.  He told me I definitely needed to check him out.  So I did and I found this concert on YouTube.  I am in love.  I knew I was hooked the minute this man talked and it was a beautiful Irish accent.  There is something about an Irishman. However, I digress.  Damien Rice is a outstanding musician and performer and yes his music is amazing.

Again, this video does contain NSFW language.

I have a concert bucket list and both these talented men are now officially on that list.

Again I love being introduced to new artists (or new to me) and love exploring different kinds of music.  I hope you'll check them out and give them a listen.  What artists do you love to listen to on a regular basis.  An artist who you might not hear featured on the radio but is amazing?  Feel free to share it with me, I would love to check them out.