Yay!  The weekend is almost here and I am ready for quitting time because I like the weekends.  Here are my Top 5 things that I love about the weekend.

1. Sleeping In


Yes my idea of sleeping in and someone elses idea of sleeping in are two different things.  However, if I can get at least one hour may two more hours of sleep then I'm set.

2. Spending Fun Time with my kid


During the week it's get home, get homework done, go to practice, come home, cook dinner, bath, bed.  I don't have any time at all to spend with my son, so on the weekends we always find time to have a bit of fun.

3. Church

(c) Janna Scott

I know when the weekend rolls around, I will get to head into my church and worship with my church family.  I always walk out of church a better person than when I walked in and I love that.

4.  Spending time with my friends

ACS “Fun & Easy Korean Cooking Class” – U.S.Army Garrison Humphreys – 31 October 2012

Every weekend I find myself spending time with a friend or a group of friends.  I usually involves us in the kitchen cooking and cracking up while the kids are running around playing and having a blast.

5. Watching Old Movies and Catching up on TV Shows


It never fails, I always find myself getting sucked in to my old favorites (yes, 80's movies are considered old now, heck even the 90's are as well).  Plus, I get to catch up on my favorite series that have been sitting in my DVR.


What is your favorite thing about the weekend?