or shall I say the ones that scared me and literally left me terrified! Halloween is the perfect time for a scary movie marathon. I'll admit I have watched these moves over and over and they still scare me every time. So why do I keep watching them? I guess I like to be scared. Click here to answer trivia about this post for more chances to win from Mix 94.1

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    Paranormal Activity Franchise

    Since the Blair Witch Project ruined the premise of this is a real story, I had already prepared myself for Paranormal Activity because it too started off with the same premise. This movie truly scared me. Why? Well I believe in God and Angels, so with my beliefs I also believe that demons exist and I truly believe that something like this could happen. So that is why this movie scares me, Paranormal Activity 2 the same way. I haven't see the third installment yet but I'm sure that will leave me scared as well.

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    Blair Witch Project

    The Blair Witch Project. So the premise of this movie is a bunch of film students went into the woods with their cameras to do a documentary on the Blair Witch, then never return. Why? The Blair Witch of course.  The beginning of the movie tells you that the footage was found in the woods.


    Now the movie itself just gave me the creeps, but the reason I won't watch it again is I nearly had a heart attack at the end of the movie. Why, you may ask?


    I had just graduated college when this movie came out and I was in my apartment sitting in the dark watching this movie for the first time and (*spoiler*) and at the end of the movie the last scene you see a man standing in the corner then the camera shakes and drops. Well in the move the man is wearing a ski cap, beanie, whatever you call them.


    About that time my best friend walked in my front door wearing the same color hat. He nearly scared me to death. I'm sure I woke up half the apartment complex with my blood curdling scream.   I'm surprised someone didn't call the cops.


    Chalk that one up to perfect timing on his part.

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    Ok, so a TV who eats little girls. I was not having that.  Plus her creepy "They're here."  Those two things didn't go over well with me. The creepy exorcist lady also made me hate this movie, but I tell you why this movie scared me.


    The stupid clown, yes, the first movie that made me hate clowns.


    Seriously, you take an innocent childhood thing and make it jump out from under the bed and try to kill the kid that owns it. Uh...no thank you.


    I was 6 when this movie came out so of course it is going to scare me.


    Then to top it all off to save Carol Anne, they have to be birthed from the ceiling in a ooze of goo. Really? Then the ground shoots up a ton of skeleton corpses. YUCK!


    It was years before I went near a TV when the picture was snow fuzz.

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    Stephen King's It

    One Word. Pennywise. Scary clowns, that's it for me. I don't do clowns! In IT, the whole story is about a child murdering clown. Not just any clown but a clown that has razor sharp teeth.  Beep! Beep!

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    The Strangers

    This movie is based on a true story. This movie scared me down to my core because humans are very capable of  terrorizing other humans.


    Imagine yourself getting a knock at the door at 4 am in the morning only to be terrorized and teased with death for hours.  All the while watching a bunch of crazy people kill the people around you for the fun of it.



    This is some scary stuff. I refuse to watch this movie at night, refuse. It is just to intense and I cannot handle it. Most of the time I have to turn it off.


    As I type this and watch over the trailer, chills run down my spine. Scary stuff!