I know Thanksgiving can be a stressful holiday especially if you are cooking the meal. Here are a couple of things to keep your holiday simple.

  • Pot Luck

    You make the Turkey and have everyone else bring the sides. So maybe cousin Bart can't cook but he can go to the store and buy some rolls. When you have each family bring a dish, Thanksgiving is complete and you haven't destroyed your kitchen making sure you have cooked up everything.

  • Don't Be Afraid To Use the Microwave

    Potatoes will cook in the microwave just as well as they do on the stove. The great news here, they cook faster. Plus, they aren't the only holiday dish that tastes just as good nuked as cooked on a stove.

  • Desserts

    Skip the baking, just buy them. Nine times out of 10 it costs the same to make as to buy, so why throw on the added stress of baking. Throw some Cool Whip on top of the store bought pumpkin pie and no one can tell the difference.

    flickr/THE Holy Hand Grenade!
  • Do a Take Out Thanksgiving

    Why cook when your favorite restaurant can do it for you.

    Click Here for a list of restaurants you can order your Thanksgiving meal from.

    However, you might want to call today to make sure you have it for Thursday.

  • Go Out to Eat Thanksgiving

    Why worry about cooking or cleaning up. Amarillo has several restaurants that are serving up Thanksgiving Dinner. They do all the cooking and the cleaning and you can go home and watch the game and take an actual nap for a change.

    Click Here for a list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving Dinner.

    However, you might call today and make a reservation if the restaurants will allow so you will have a saved spot.