You won't believe what Mariah Carey did for herself.  No, she's not narcissistic at all.So Mariah Carey has a reality show.  She hates the cameras following her around because, as she puts it, is a "private" person.  But, for the show, she threw a "Mariah Carey" themed party.  Every one was supposed to dress up like Mariah Carey (even the men).  She came as her alter-ego "Bianca" and sported a jet-black wig.  I think I hate her.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are rapidly becoming annoyingly sweet.  What did he do for her Christmas present?  He planted on olive tree in her yard for her. She considers that "romantic".  I call it cheap.

Britney Spears is working with a life coach.  A source tells Heat magazine: "Britney's been gradually getting better for years, and being in Vegas is a big help for her state of mind. You can see the difference in how she was in those first shows in 2013 to now. But it's her new life coach - who she calls her 'swagger coach' - that's helping her take things to the next level. She won't tell anyone what they do or who he is, but it's working. She's more confident than she's been in forever."

Finally, does Adele make your kids sleepy?  Well, the Rockabye Baby music company is turning Adele's biggest hits into lullabies. "Hello," "Rolling in the Deep," "Set Fire to the Rain" and "Skyfall" will all be included on the CD.  FINALLY! Something that actually makes sense.