My formative high school years were in the time grunge took over and alternative music was hot!.  So when I ran across this mash-up of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" I cringed.

One of my favorite bands was Nine Inch Nails.   I remember one fond memory of their music.  One night during my senior year in high school (yes I realized I have gotten old), the group I hung out with was sitting in the kitchen and it was 1am on a school night.  Don't worry we were all so close that at this point in time our parents were cool with this because well we all lived at each others houses.  We were working on a school project and making brownies at the same time for a snack and a Nine Inch Nails song came on the stereo (because iProducts didn't exist), and hilarity ensued because we were so tired and well when you are that tired, funny just happens.  This one moment  just included brownies flying across the kitchen and a rubber mallet and tears from laughing so hard.

The song was "Head Like a Hole" and that has always been a memory song for me because of that moment in time.  So when I heard this mash-up, it ruined the song for me.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images/YouTube


So anyway here's the original - FYI they were a bit scary.

So now that you have heard the original, that mash-up is just wrong in so many ways.