If you or your spouse work away from home a lot sometimes that can create a problem in your marriage.  How do you keep the fires alive with you or your spouse is away from home a lot.  It seems Hollywood heavyweight Matt Damon has figured it out.

“We have a two-week rule,” Damon, 40, told PEOPLE Saturday at a press conference for his new movie The Adjustment Bureau in New York. “We don’t allow ourselves to be apart.”

If works calls for uprooting the family away from home in New York City, Damon will pack his suitcases and take his entire brood of daughters — Alexia, 12, Isabella, 4½, Gia, 2½, and Stella, almost 4 months — with him. “I just took this big movie in L.A. and we’re all there together,” he says.

(via Matt Damon: Two Week Rule Keeps Marriage Strong – Moms & Babies – Moms & Babies - People.com.)

How do you deal with your spouse being gone for long periods of time from home because of work?