I will never understand how human beings can be so cruel.  How can someone throw an innocent animal out of a car going 70 miles per hour.

I just don't understand what possesses a person to say I don't want this cat so I'm gonna fly down the interstate and throw them out the window.  No animal deserves to be treated that way or die that way.

Even though this didn't happen in Amarillo, it happens in Amarillo.

I'm glad the kitty survived and has a fight a head of him. If this furry feline can survive being thrown from a car he can survive the feline leukemia.

As for the leg, my cousin had a cat that got caught in a fan belt and paralyzed his leg but he had a very long life and he learned how to cope with his dead leg.

If you have unwanted pets or a litter of kittens mysteriously appears at your home, there are places you can take them.  Don't just throw them away or out of a moving car.

The Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society has a animal drop-off and can take the animals.  However, if they are not adopted within a certain time they will be euthanized but that is better than being killed by being thrown out of a vehicle.


Amarillo SPCA takes in animals if they are able or they will at least help you find good homes for the animals.

Another reason why people need to have their pets spayed or neutered.