The Children's Miracle Network Celebration kicks off tomorrow at 5:30am with Murphy, Sam and Jodi.  We will turn our radio station over to this wonderful organization for two days.  Why do we do this?  We do this for many reasons, but I'll tell you why I do this each year.

When I first started doing the CMN Radiothon in 2001, I really didn't have a clue what it was about or what I was doing.  I knew the organization helped sick kids but I didn't know to what extent.  I also didn't know how these kids and families would affect me.

I fell in love!

From that first radiothon I fell in love with the organization and especially the kids.

Hannah McCoy

I met Hannah.  Hannah, was the most beautiful little toddler you could imagine, even though she had a little bald head, she was the most precious little girl.  You see, Hannah had leukemia.  She had cancer.  A toddler with cancer, it just doesn't seem fair.  Then I met Hannah's dad Ken and realized how much love was in this family.   You see Ken had a bald head also, he told me, why should my little girl have to be bald alone.  He shaved his head out of love for Hannah.

Hannah had one wish that year and that wish wasn't to be cancer free that wish was to have pig tails.  What a small simple wish from a child.  Unfortunately, it was a wish from a little girl who had to have constant chemo treatments to kill her cancer.  Chemo causes your hair to fall out.

Then a year later, Hannah walked in to the Radiothon and wouldn't you know it, that precious little girl had pig tails.  They weren't much in fact they were tiny, but it didn't matter, Hannah's wish came true.

I wish I could find pictures of Hannah with her cute little bald head and her cute little pig tails, but unfortunately they were deleted from our files.

Hannah is cancer free and looking at her teenage years.  Hannah still drops by our radiothon, in fact she told me she plans to be at BSA with us this year.  She doesn't remember much about her younger years when she was fighting cancer but she does remember how important CMN was to her and her family.

Hannah's story had a happy ending.   However, sometimes happy endings don't happen to every family.


Another story that touched my life was a story about Ethan.   Ethan was a happy little toddler.  But at 18 months old, Ethan fell and hit his head on the tile and caused a brain hemorrhage.  It wasn't a bad bump, but it wasn't until his mom touched his head that she realized it wasn't good. Ethan's  mom thought it was  a skull fracture and could be fixed.   For the next 18 months Ethan was in and out of the hospital.  It was right before Christmas that Ethan passed away.

I never met this little boy, however, I was given the chance to tell his story and fell in love with an angel.  This story touched my life so much that the name Ethan stuck in my heart and a few years later, I named my little boy Ethan.

David Rain

Oh boy, oh boy, how we love this kid.  David Rain came into this world way to early, but to look at him today you would never realize it.  David Rain is full of life and he loves to entertain.  Every year I look forward to seeing this little boy.

Kristi Barret Moore and Jake Barret

Kristi was the most wonderful mom.  Kristi was mom to Jake for a matter of days.  Jake was born to early.  But because of CMN providing a Giraffe bed for the NICU, Kristi was able to hold Jake.  If not for the donations to CMN this giraffe bed would not have been in the NICU and Jake would have never known his mother's arms and Kristi would have never gotten to experience the glorious feeling of holding her baby.

In all my years of doing radiothon, Kristi never missed a chance to talk about and share Jake's story.  She was an avid supporter of CMN.

This year Kristi will be missing from our CMN Radiothon, June 5th will mark the day that she went up to heaven to be with Jake.  She is now holding and hugging and playing with her little boy.

Even though Kristi will not be present to tell us about Jake, we will still share his story in her loving words.

This organization helps OUR kids.  The money raised during Radiothon stays right here in the Texas Panhandle to save our kids.  It doesn't pay for paper clips or executive salaries.  It pays for equipment to save our kids, it pays for toys, games, dvds, teddy bears to keep our kids occupied and a little less scared when they are in the hospital.

I love pouring my heart and soul into this event because it is so worth it.  So I ask for the next two days you open up your hearts to these kids and these families and to this wonderful organization.

I can tell you the one constant about all these families is this:

"I never thought this would happen to us."

Do you find yourself saying that?

You never know.  I never know.  I have a four year old and I never know when he will need the assistance of CMN.  However, I do know if he ever gets hurt or sick CMN will be there providing the right equipment and training to make him better or to provide a little something special to keep him calm in the hospital.

I encourage you to donate to this wonderful organization.

The phone lines will be open bright and early tomorrow morning


or if you are out of town toll free 1-800-800-1826

Donate securely online here

or Text "GOOD" to 90999 to donate $5.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful event with us and thank you for being a Miracle Maker for CMN.