If you're an early riser, then you have probably watched Meredith Keller on ProNews 7's 'Daybreak.' Meredith has known that she has wanted to be in journalism since the age of 15. Not only does she host 'Daybreak' Monday through Friday from 5:30am-7pm, but also the noon news and is currently in college to get her Master's Degree. We caught up with Meredith to find out some "Little Known Facts."

  • 1

    Where is your hometown?

    "Plainview, TX."

  • 2

    What is your birth date?

    "November 21st."

  • 3

    What is something your viewers don't know about you?

    "When I was in High School, I was in an all-girl punk rock band, called 'SMAK.' It stood for Suzanne, Meredith, Alissa and Kala. Those were the names of the girls in the band."

  • 4

    What advice do you have for future broadcasters?

    "Learn all the facets of the business. Learn to write, produce, etc. Become a 'one-man band.' By doing this you will appreciate the process more. There is no such thing as a 'superstar in the newsroom' anymore, so learn to be humble."

  • 5

    What is the best part of your job?

    "Meeting all the people on the show (Daybreak) and going out to places and meeting and talking with people. I like that people feel comfortable enough with me to approach me and tell me about there events and through television I can help them. Doing Daybreak I have the luxury to show more of my personality and I think it connects with the viewers."

  • 6

    What's the most interesting thing you've done?

    "During my first year, I did a report on the 'CMN Pirates in the Canyon event.' I am terrified of heights, but to make the story more compelling, I went up in a hot air balloon to get the story. So, I had to get over my fear of heights."

  • 7

    Do you have any awards?

    In College for Campus Speech. I received a News Reporting award from the National Broadcasting Society. Also, in High School I was the MVP in Tennis."

  • 8

    What are your hobbies?

    "My Mom is an art professor, so I enjoy painting, it's very relaxing. I love photography and photo editing. Learning to enjoy cooking and although it's not a hobby, but more of an addiction, I love shopping.

  • 9

    Your Dad is in the military, tell me a little about him.

    "He has been deployed five times with two tours in Afghanistan, Kuwait, South America and Iraq. As a matter of fact, next Wednesday he is going to Virginia for his graduation from 'Master's of War,' which is a war college. Currently he is a Colonel and is working towards General. My dad is a big Boy Scout."

  • 10

    Any unusual talents?

    "People may be surprised to know that, if I need to, I can get ready in the morning in fifteen minutes. That includes hair and makeup. I learn to do that so I can maximize my sleep."

  • 11

    If you stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

    "A Swiss army (pocket) knife, a butane lighter and MRE (Meals Ready to Eat)."

  • 12

    What has been the weirdest job related question?

    "People have asked me to sign articles of clothing, like hats and shirts. I am always asked what time do I get up in the morning for Daybreak (3am) and when I speak at functions and ask the audience for questions, usually the first one is if I am single and would I like to date their grandson."

  • 13

    If you weren't in broadcasting, what would you have been?

    "I would love to have been a fashion designer, because I enjoy being creative. The downside is I would have to learn to sew. I am awful at sewing."