If you are not a member of the Mix VIP Club, I encourage you to join today.  You have a chance to win all sorts of prizes.  Money, trips, gift cards and more.

However, if you are a VIP we have noticed that a lot of our members do not have much information in their account.

If you haven't given us a phone number yet we encourage you to do so.

You may be asking, why would you need my phone number?

When you win a prize through the VIP club we contact you by email, however sometimes that email goes into your junk mail and you miss it.

If the prize is pressing we follow up with a phone call when the prize is about to expire.  Some of the prizes that get left behind are vacations, gift cards, tickets to events.

So if you play the Mix VIP Club and you haven't yet uploaded your phone number to your account please do so as soon as possible.

We won't sell your information or call you randomly.  The only time you will be contacted is when you do win a prize.

If you think you might have won a prize, check your email first and make sure our emails aren't going to your junk mail.    Then check to see if you have a number listed on your account.

If you aren't a member sign up today and you'll be on the road to winning.