I was at my desk when Lori walked in with today's 'Pet of the Week' from the Amarillo SPCA.

It only took one look and I stopped everything I was doing to cuddle up with this cute little Pekingese.

photo credit townsquare media

Her name is 'Cinnamon,' but this little darling may have just gotten lost and isn't a rescue animal.

She had a dark blue collar on, but no tag and isn't chipped, so there is no way to know who she 'may' belong to.

The reason that we think she may be lost is because she looks like she is freshly groom and is of a good size weight. Lack of feeding is not an issue with this little Pek.

photo credit townsquare media

I am a huge lover of this kind of dog. They are great pets for families with or without kids and also a forever friend to people who are much older.

Pekingese love to cuddle and be pampered.

If you know of someone who is missing a Pek that looks similar to 'Cinnamon,' please reach out to the Amarillo SPCA at 806-622-0555806-622-0555.

Hopefully, we can find her owners. If not, at least find her a new loving home.