"Ancay ouyay eakspay igpay atlinay?" I asked my kids one morning this week after catching the tail end of a Phinneas and Ferb episode where they make up their own version of pig latin called "Ferb Latin." It gave me an idea...wouldn't it be hysterical if I first freaked my kids out by speaking only pig latin to them and then pretending nothing unusual was happening... and then, wouldn't it be funny if I actually taught them to speak it? 

Yeah, it wasn't that funny. First, they became very frustrated that they couldn't understand anything I was saying. And then they became even more frustrated when I tried to teach them. The key to Pig Latin is the ability to differentiate between consonants and vowels. Not a problem for my fourth grader, though she still struggled to fully grasp the concept of Pig Latin. Big problem for my kindergartener and first grader. I learned Pig Latin from a book when I was in the fourth or fifth grade. I am 90% sure it was a Beverly Cleary book, but I can't remember. Anyway, I figured if I could teach myself Pig Latin from a few references in a book, surely I could teach at least one of my kids.


And so we continued with our week of fun before school starts speaking just plain ol' boring english.

The week really has been loads of fun, though. We did make the bouncy balls.  They're not that bouncy. But they really are fun to make and the kids played with them all week.

April B.

We also painted our front door turquoise, drank old fashioned cokes from a bottle, ordered burgers the old fashioned way at Beef Burger Barrel (and yes, everyone asked, "Where's the drive way?" AKA the drive-thru,) tried our hand at thrift store shopping (but came up empty handed and then went to the mall,) rode bikes, walked 7,837 steps at Wonderland, played a fierce game of flag football and.... ordered $20 worth of sugar and caffeine at Bahama Bucks.

And that just got us through Thursday. There's still three days left and we intend to suck every last second of fun out of the remaining few days of summer.