You know what I'm gonna miss most someday? All the conversations in the car with my kiddos. When it's just me and one of them, one-on-one, I learn a lot about them... who they are, what they like, what they DON'T like.

For example, I can look in the rear-view mirror and tell when my middle child is wanting to tell me something but not sure how to say it. I can see it in her face. With my older daughter, who is now nine, we're having much more grown up conversations. It's my time to really connect with her and hear what is important in her life right now. And with my four-year-old son, well, I'm learning he's a little bit OCD, a little bit temperamental, a little impatient and a whole lotta smart.

Photo Courtesy April B.

Ryan: Mom, how long is it until Christmas?

Me: 305 days

Ryan: How long is until my birthday?

Me: 205 days

Ryan: Is that a long time?

Me: Yes. It's 205 days

Ryan: How long is that?

Me: It's 205 days. It's, like, 6 months. {I have no idea of my math is right. I just make stuff up as I go.}

Ryan: How many roads do we have to go?

Me: You mean how many roads do we take to get where we're going?

Ryan: Yes

Me: {thinks quickly} Ummmm, seven.

Ryan: Which one is this.

Me: Ummmmm, four

Ryan: So we have three more?

Me: Yep.{he just did math! My four-year-old just did math! I'm awful at math, but even I know that's pretty impresive! But I keep my cool..}

Ryan: My friend Collin told me his firetruck is broked and that is very sad.

Me: Why is it sad?

Ryan: Because I think it's his only one.

Me: That is sad.

Ryan: Is it going to be cold today?

Me: No, it's going to be kind of warm.

Ryan: No, it's not!

Me: Yes, it is. Ryan: Nuh-uh.

Me: Yep.

Ryan: Nooo, it's going to be cold.

Me: Well, if you already think you know the answer then why did you ask me?

Ryan: {silence}

Ryan: {as we pass a fire station} Why does this fire station not have a yellow firetruck anymore?

Me: {Did it have a yellow fire truck? Who pays attention to that stuff?} I don't know.... maybe it was broken.

Ryan: Well, when is it gonna be back?

Me: I don't know?

Ryan: But when?

Me: In two weeks.

Ryan: Is that a long time?

Me: No. It's two weeks.

Ryan: How long is that?

Me: {sigh}

And that's just from one day.