I've said this before, lots and lots of times, but having a boy has taught me so much about men. Turns out, it's not their fault. They really were born the way they are. And men really are just big little boys. Or little boys are really just miniature men. Either way...

And while I really do believe some of the quirks that drive women the craziest are just innate in men, on a  more serious note, I've also realized that in having a boy, I'm raising a husband. I've thought about that more and more as Father's Day rolls around and I look for an exceptional way to honor my extraordinary dad. Recently family--my parents, my siblings, myself--has gone through some really trying times as a family. I've witnessed a great deal of strength from my father. I've watched my dad lead us through even when I know he must have felt as tired and hopeless as the rest of us. But for as much as I was worrying, I was also watching, taking note as he set an incredible example for the measure of a husband.


Someday, I hope to hand my son over to the right young woman, confident he'll have learned from his parents what I learned from mine... to choose wisely. Because when you do, you find that in marriage and in life, when the going gets tough, the tough keep going, even when it seems there's no end in sight.  So happy Father's Day to the greatest men--my dad and my husband--who have given me the priceless gift of security.