It seems like I've written this exact line 105 times. Boys are a whole 'nother animal.

After I wrote just two short weeks ago about raising a husband, it seems I've got a long road to go before my little man resembles a gentleman, or from the way things are going this week, even a human. My sweet little boy has a new afternoon teacher at his daycare center and, from what I can glean, he's really breaking her in.  I don't typically pick him up from daycare, so when he marched into the house one afternoon this week and walked straight over to stand in the corner, head down and shoulders slumped, I knew something was up.


And then I listened as his dad recounted the ways our little guy has been putting on a good show this week.  Apparently, he has managed to spill his milk at lunch. Every day. Now, the spilled milk might not be anything to cry over (pun intended), but the mooning incident earlier this week sure is. Yes, apparently my four-year-old has mastered mooning. That's not a common practice in our home, so I've no idea where he learned it and I suspect it may be another one of those annoying behaviors innate to the male species. Both occurrences were "accidents," he said. I could probably, maybe buy the milk incidents as accidents. But, we all know his pants didn't accidentally fall down as he simultaneously--and accidentally--bent over.


Little boys are tough. They do all sorts of bizarre and often gross things just to get a reaction. And this particular little boy enters kindergarten in t-minus-eight weeks.


I'm swiftly losing confidence that kindergarten will be a pleasant experience for any of us. Remember how  you were taught the correct spelling of the homonym, "principal," by saying the principal is your "pal?"  I suspect I may soon be on a first name basis with our school's Principal. And I doubt he will be my son's pal.