I am a writer. And today I have writer's block. As you might imagine, that happens from time to time. I've learned over the years, when my brain freezes up and I can't think of an idea or a topic or even a simple line to get me going, it's best to just start writing what I'm thinking... even if it's not what I intended, or even wanted, to write about.

So, right now I have writer's block. And I'm writing about writer's block, because that's what I'm thinking about... Which makes me think... I am easily distracted. In fact, I've already written a few sentences beyond this point and started over about 12 times. The backspace key is working overtime today.

I like to blame all of this on stress. On trying to do it all. My inability to sometimes focus is simply the product of too many commitments and too little time. Here's why: I have three kids, two dogs, a husband, a full-time job, family, friends, a side freelance writing business, a new blogging gig, old blogging gigs that I've all but abandoned, a desk and car wallpapered with sticky notes, 642 recipes pinned to my Pinterst board to try out, a total of four books on my Kindle that I am reading simultaneously, an "I'm 96% full warning on my DVR," the affliction of wanting it all, the weakness of not being able to force the word "no" to come out of my mouth at any given time, and I really need a haircut. If my bangs get any longer, I'll look like Cousin It. Just a walking mound of hair.

And the funny thing is... I wouldn't change any of it. Well, except for the haircut part. I really need a haircut. And a manicure wouldn't hurt. But otherwise, I'm pretty happy. Blissfully stressed, for the most part.

I think it's true what they say. Women can have it all--just not all at the same time.  Actually, no one can have it all at the same time. We can sure try, and the Lord knows I do.  But in reality, there's not enough time in the day to give 100% to everything, all the time. I've decided I'm completely comfortable being the girl whose reminder system for super-duper urgent tasks is a dot on the center of my hand with a Sharpie. Then, when people ask "What's that dot on your hand?" I'll say, "Thanks for the reminder!" It just all fits. Me, anyway.

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I've learned to just do the best I can every single day. Some days are better than others. Some days, I think I get pretty close to putting 100% toward all of my obligations. Other days, I write stuff I've already done on my "to-do" list just so I can mark it off and then I serve cereal for dinner. They're making Cap 'n Crunch with whole grains these days, you know.