Ever feel like you're caught in a figurative monsoon? It has certainly been one of those weeks for me. Nothing that ice cream or a cupcake or a funny conversation with one of my kiddos can't fix. I've just found myself tripping over a bunch of messy odds and ends that were also tied up with some bad luck.

Sometimes when I need a little sunshine, I head over to Pinterest and crack myself up perusing pins of funny t-shirt, Some e-cards, coffee mugs and meme's and wonder who sits around thinking this stuff up. And... more importantly, has the government implanted a microchip in my brain because whoever creates this stuff clearly hears my thoughts.

Here are some of my favorites in case some of you need a little pick me up, or just a reason to giggle as we head into the weekend.

This one literally made me LOL. It is so how I feel on a daily basis.

Cafe Press

I know a few people who fit in this category.


People hate this about me. I don't *try* to be late. It just happens.


I do. I am a total book nerd. And I could use some recommendations for new ones, if anyone wants to send some my way.


Guilty. Verbal diarrhea is a recurring infection for me. But really, some things just *need* to be said.


Totally. I think if this were reality, there would be no crappy weeks.


"I think every week should have one day in it where boys give girls presents"

I agree. This is why I've been known to wear pearls with t-shirts. Or diamonds. In fact, I'm wearing a t-shirt and pearls today. This is advice I will pass on to my kids.


And finally, I love funny t-shirts. And by funny, I mean clever and ironic. Not the kind that say "One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor." They're my version of a bumper sticker. My current favorite says, "Haikus are easy. But sometimes they don't make sens. Refrigerator." How can you not see that and snicker? I am so going to get this one, too.