Like so many other things in my life, blah woe is me, I dropped the ball in turning in my Sunday night homework last week. Big surprise. I literally floated through the weekend and Monday morning came and I had never given a single thought to writing up a blog. Mom brain, much? Mom-in-the-middle-of-planning-a-first-birthday-party brain is more like it.

I digress.

I am in the middle of crafting, fabric shopping and assembling decorations for our daughter’s first birthday party in a handful of weeks. I am looking forward to celebrating her first year of being, but at the same time I am also looking forward to it with misty eyes. I feel like this time has gone by so fast. Geez, even rehashing it for this entry is forming a big lump in the back of my throat. Moving on.

I always said, throughout her growth this year, that I want her to grow and learn and get bigger (partly because she was born 3 weeks early, 5 lbs!) but seeing her walk around, smile and laugh, clap her hands, show interest in certain books and toys... Its amazing and terrifying at the same time! Time moves as fast as we want it, right?

So besides being sentimental about the upcoming event, I am also anxious to see our family. All but two of our guests have not made it up to the Panhandle to visit, so I hope they like dirt and wind. And speaking, what was UP with that insane sand hurricane?!!? WOW. Unfortunately, we were on our way to JoAnn Fabrics when that whole thing decided to move through. Never in my life....

As I work on my frugal projects of Pinterest, I can’t help but think – am I overdoing it? I should just make a cake, strap a birthday hat to her head, blow up some balloons and call it a day. I don’t think I am putting that much “pressure” on myself to have all these nifty, crafty, clever little decorations?... Although, I am totally enjoying these homemade fruits of my labor. And in all honesty, it’s giving me something to do, while stuck car less during the day. Thank you Pinterest for allowing me to pretend to be a savvy, craftess.

My inner homemaker is slowly make her way doily at a time. I must wrap this up and get back to my Mod Podge and spray paint.