Ahhh, Spring Break!!  For many, this indicates a break from school, a break from work, and vacation time.  As tempted as I was to just get away for a few days this year, my sensible side won and I chose to stay home and play catch up. This didn’t stop the rest of the family from enjoying their break though, so this week I find myself home alone in an uncomfortably quiet house.  

To be honest, I was kind of looking forward to my week of peace and quiet.  I pictured myself curled up on the sofa with a cup of coffee, armed with my laptop, a mound of textbooks and my lecture notes.  With an entire week alone, with no interruptions, work, or classes, it might actually be possible for me to get completely caught up (and dare I say, ahead) on my coursework.  As super-nerdy as it may sound, I was pretty excited about that possibility!


One thing about life in a household dominated by males is that quiet is something that rarely exists.  My son Hunter is a chatterbox to say the least, with a constant stream of questions, comments and facts that he HAS to get out or it will drive him absolutely mad.  Don’t get me wrong, while I am thrilled that my once non-verbal child is the complete opposite these days, there are times when a moment of silence is much-needed.  While Matt is slightly less chatty, he is constantly in action, running through the hallway or engaging Hunter into a Nerf sword “fight to the death.”  I count on the typical 2 hour period of quiet time per day that I can usually squeeze in between my practicum work and picking the boys up from school.  This time is reserved for textbook reading and other high-concentration activities that I know will be impossible once the herd stampedes through the front door.

Yesterday, I settled in with my to-do list and my pile of work, yet the peace that I was expecting was missing.  Despite what I was sure I needed to get through the overwhelming amount of work on my plate, the silence was stifling and I had to escape it.  So far, my Spring Break has consisted of trips to all of my favorite stores in town, daily ventures to the grocery store for items that I don’t really need, several movie rentals, and way too much television.  I suppose that sometimes, despite what we think we need, “peace and quiet” isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.