I am a planner.  I love to know exactly when things are going to happen, how they are going to happen, and who is responsible for ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch.  In parenthood, unfortunately, our plans often don’t mirror the picture-perfect scenario that we have played out in our heads.

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This is only confounded by all of the other things that we try to balance in our lives; at the present time, I am juggling family, friends, finishing up grad school, preparing for comprehensive exams, and anticipating a move and a new job in a couple of months.

While all of my calendars and awesome organization skills keep me fairly on top of things, at times I slip up, and the plan is shattered.  On top of being a planner, I am a worrier.  Even when I think that I have planned out every scenario, and made back-up plans for my back-up plans, life always manages to throw me a curve ball.  In my present search for my internship, I am experiencing grueling interview after interview, and submitting what seems like hundreds of applications, and all that I can do is wait...and wait… and wait.  While I know that I will be moving in a month, I have no indication of exactly where that move will take me.  If it were just me, I might be slightly less concerned.  However, when there is an entire family with a lot at stake, the pressure is multiplied ten-fold and every day I find myself staring at my phone, waiting on that call or email that will point me in the direction of my future.  If nothing else, this process has taught me that sometimes all that you can do is wait.  While the plan is not necessarily my own, there is a plan, and I am beginning to see how it will unfold.

In the meantime, I am left to plan the little things that I CAN control, and to let my worries rest on my faith that the man upstairs knows what he is doing. I am anticipating some exciting developments in the week ahead!