Baby Bird in the Make-Shift Nest...This past weekend we had a little visitor in our lives. The Oldest found a teeny, tiny, almost featherless baby bird in our backyard. He must have fallen from his nest. She saved him from certain death at the paws of one of our dogs. Her dad didn't want her to bring it in, but I convinced him otherwise. The Oldest brought him in and researched how to care for him. Or her. I really have no idea of the bird's sex. But I cautioned her not to name him. I also told her that he was a sick little bird and that he might not make it. Cameron, she couldn't help but name him, made what we thought was great progress. He was drinking, and chirping, and moving his little head around. The Oldest tucked him into his makeshift nest, and I went to bed feeling incredibly proud.

The morning brought the inevitable news of Cameron's demise. We knew taking him in was a long shot; but, after he was buried in the back yard, I still didn't regret the decision to let The Oldest try her hand at animal rescue. She had learned many valuable lessons in fewer than 24 hours.

One of the life lessons she learned was to care for those who are less fortunate. Even if the thing requiring care is a small bird. I want my children to have a servant's heart. They should always have that compulsion to care. Our daughter exhibited that strength of character when she found that defenseless animal and brought him into our home.

Another lesson she learned is that sometimes you have to take a risk. The Oldest loved that little bird immensely in the short time he was with us. She knew that he could die, and likely would, but she took the risk. How many adults would do something like that? Risk getting hurt to love someone or something who needs it? Not many. Taking Cameron into her heart was one of the bravest things I've ever seen anyone do. When we talked about his passing, she said she was sad, but that she was glad she took the chance to save him. What an amazing lesson.

Sometimes life gives us these great opportunities to teach our kids valuable lessons. Some of these instructions may be painful, but the outcome could be worth the risk. Now we know that the lessons about compassion have stuck with one child -- and couldn't the world use more of that?

I would like to take some space to thank one of the greatest life lesson teachers I ever had -- my Daddy. He didn't just teach us about hard work, compassion, and common sense, he is a living example. Three girls couldn't ask for a better Daddy or a better Grandad for our children. We are blessed beyond measure.

Happy Father's Day to all the great daddies out there, or the grandfathers who are daddies, or the moms who are daddies. We celebrate you all.