Discipline could be the most difficult part of parenting for me. My husband and I decided when The Oldest was new and little that we wouldn't spank her. Time out would be sufficient for our little angel. Or a stern warning. We didn't need to strike her.


Then she became 2. When you see your perfect miracle child screaming, flailing around, and spewing bodily fluids, that's the point when time out seems insufficient. So yes, we spank our children. Just with the palm of our hand, and not hard, either. The intent is usually what gets the best result.

Sometimes, though, when our kids are acting out, I take a moment and check my own mood. Kids learn by the actions of their parents, but they also take cues from the mood of the household. Like right now, the last week of school, it's hard to get any child to behave. Our kids are around people all day who feel like they are being imprisoned. Add to that mix two teachers who are exhausted and have put up with misbehavior all day, and you have a potentially volatile situation at home.

We have three relatively well-behaved children, but even they have been off this week. Grounding wasn't helping. Threats of spankings didn't help (because honestly, that's usually as far as we ever get). We were tired and frustrated with our situation. So last night I turned things around and gave myself a time out. I went to my room and spent some time on Pinterest pinning an ambitious amount of summer projects and talking to friends about random things. When I emerged, or more accurately when I called my son in to help me ward off an attack from the tickle monster (my husband took a break as well), we were able to enjoy each other as a family.

Misbehavior should always be dealt with. As a teacher, a mom, and just a person who has to be around children, I ask that you teach them how to behave. Sometimes kids need to be punished. But there are times as well when adults need the time out for an attitude adjustment.