Remember this guy? Yeah, me either.

1871 - Andrew S. Hallidie received a patent for his CABLE CAR system. Three years later, his great invention changed the face of San Francisco.

On this day in 1874 - The FIRST "SIAMESE TWINS" died at the age of 63. CHANG AND ENG of Siam (--now Thailand) spent their life joined at the breastbone. Both were married: They spent three days of the week with one wife, and three days with the other.

1971 - The BALTIMORE COLTS beat the DALLAS COWBOYS, 16-to-13, in SUPER BOWL FIVE. Dallas linebacker CHUCK HOWLEY intercepted two passes and recovered a fumble.

(--He then became the first defensive player named MVP . . . as well as the first MVP to come from a losing team.)

1975 - "BARETTA" PREMIERED ON ABC!!! (--It lasted three seasons and went off the air in 1978.) It starred a cockatoo named Fred, and ROBERT BLAKE as New York undercover cop Tony Baretta.

1983 - Evangelist ORAL ROBERTS was exposed by the "Los Angeles Times" after the paper got their hands on a letter he'd sent his followers. In the letter, Oral Roberts said that he had a seven-hour conversation with Jesus who told him to ask each of his followers to send him $240 so he could finish building his Tower of Faith research center in Oklahoma. Oral Roberts guaranteed the center would find a CURE FOR CANCER, saying, quote, "I have become keenly aware of how Satan is trying to take control of the cells and cause them to multiply out of their divinely placed order." By the way, cancer has NOT been cured.

1986 - PRESIDENT REAGAN had three small polyps removed from his colon.

1986 - "The Clan of the Cave Bear" was released . . . starring DARYL HANNAH as a Cro-Magnon woman being raised by primitive Neanderthals.

1992 - "Freejack" was released . . . starring MICK JAGGER and EMILIO ESTEVEZ!!!

1994 - LIZ TAYLOR was released from the hospital after hip treatment.

1994 - DANNY BONADUCE beat DONNY OSMOND by a split decision in a charity boxing match. Adding insult to injury, Bonaduce said, quote, "Donny Osmond was such a wimp, I actually got bored punching him. His sister, Marie, would have been a tougher fight."

1998 - DENNIS RODMAN was fined $25,000 and suspended indefinitely for kicking a cameraman in the junk.