Since it is Christmas time, I was surfing the internet to find some fun and interesting gifts. What I found was far from that, I found the most inappropriate gifts for kids. Keep reading to find out what I found. Yes, people really do buy these things for their children.

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    Victorian Playhouse


    OK so who wouldn't want something this cool. However, what little girl needs a playhouse this big and this extravagant. Seriously, this thing costs more that my car!
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    Pee & Poo Dolls

    Since when it is appropriate to play with our pee and poo. Why would anyone want to encourage their children to play with their bodily fluids and excrement. Is it just me or is this just a little to much and a little to morbid?

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    The Breast Milk Baby

    See the video from and earlier post

    Isn't this just a bit too much too soon. Why would you want to buy your child a doll that mimics breast feeding? Yes, mommy might have a new baby and is breast feeding that new baby. Seriously, can we just have normal baby dolls for our children to cuddle and nurture.
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    PeekABoo Pole Dancing Kid

    At one point and time the Brittan chain Tesco was marketing these poles to 7-year old girls.