I have heard some interesting punishments from parents who are trying to get through to their kids.  Some parents make their kids stand on a busy intersection holding a sign saying what they did wrong.  Others, make their kids do manual labor.  However, in a society where spanking doesn't occur much anymore, this Colorado mother thought she would try something different.


Once the school got wind of what she was planning they put a stop to it.

I say kudos to the mom for coming up with this idea. However, the school saying they won't allow it because it would be demeaning to the kids. Really? Was the one child demeaning to another child or his teachers when he was bullying them? I think so. Or how about the girl who stole? That was demeaning to those around her including her family, neighbors and stores.

I remember the days when schools would take part in the punishment of children. Corporal punishment at school, but those times are long gone and school systems are so afraid of legal repercussions that it is OK for kids to get away with whatever and not suffer consequences.

Other than the kids being, teased what harm could these shirts do?

I'm curious? What is your opinion on this whole situation?