I talked my wife into going to see TRON in 3-D this weekend. So, we loaded up the kiddo and all went to the movies. This is huge from her because she is not a Sci-Fi fan at all. Well, turns out that I owe my wife and daughter a trip to the movies, BIGTIME. Maybe it's just me, but I was really disappointed in the movie. It seemed very over-hyped and the storyline was boring. I never thought that during the movie I would be saying "Is this thing over yet"? I kept waiting for it to get good and notta. Now don't get me wrong, the effects and graphic work were great, but a good movie? Nope. I could tell throughout the entire film, it was made so the video game could be made. Every exciting part, I could tell that was developed in order to make it part of the video game. Seems like a way to promote TRON the Video Game.