It's a New Year which means new movies coming out this year.   So what are some of the most anticipated movies coming out this month?  You can check them out here.

Weekend of January 3rd

Rate R - for language, graphic nudity, violence and drug use

Since the original family of Paranormal Activity ran out of people to kill or kidnap they decided to branch out and start a film about other people marked with the Paranormal Activity Curse.

The Best Offer

Rate R - sex and graphic nudity

Stars - Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Donald Sutherland

A man becomes obsessed with the paintings of a reclusive women then becomes obsessed with her.

Weekend of January 10th

Rated R- Violence, language

Stars-Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, Emilie Hirsch, Eric Bana

A group of Navy SEALS on a mission to shut down a Taliban operation and finds themselves in an ambush.

Rated  R- language, sexual content and graphic nudity

Stars- Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Scarlett Johannson (voice), Amy Adams, Samantha Morton

A lonely writer who can write the perfect love letters for other people but cannot find the perfect love for himself.  After his heart is destroyed after a long relationship he falls in love with his new operating system.

This movie was released in limited theaters in December to be able to receive the award nominations.  It opens nationwide this weekend.

Rated PG-13 - violence, sensuality

Stars Kellan Lutz

Hercules, the son of Zeus, half-god, half-man, falls in love with the wrong girl and is exiled and sold into slavery by his stepfather, the King. Hercules, fights his way back to the thrown.

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box

Rated PG

Stars- Sam Neill, Michael Sheen, Ioan Gruffudd, Lena Headey,

17-year-old Mariah Mundi finds his life in peril after his parents disappear and her brother is kidnapped.  He finds himself following several clues to the Prince Regent Hotel and opening up a world of kidnapping monsters, supernatural powers and more.  In order to save his family he must uncover the truth about the The Curse of the Midas Box.

Weekend of January 17th

Rated PG-13 - violence, language, action

Stars-Chris Pine, Kenneth Branaugh, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner,

How did Jack Ryan become Jack Ryan.  In the prequel to all the Jack Ryan books by author Tom Clancy.  Jack Ryan uncovers a financial terrorist plot.  The story follows this hero from 9/11 through his tour in Afghanistan and into his job at the CIA.  It also follows his relationship with his fiancee.

Rated R-language, bloody images

Stars- Zach Gilford, Allison Miller,

After losing a night on their honeymoon a couple is faced with a unplanned pregnancy.  However, as the pregnancy progresses the wife changes and the husband realizes the baby she is carrying is evil.

Rated - PG for action and rude humor

Stars the voices of - Katherine Heigl, Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser,Stephen Lang,Jeff Dunham

When a squirrel ends up destroying the nut cart in the park he lives in, he realizes that he has to find a new source of food for the winter, after he is banished to the city.  This squirrel finds a new nut shop opening up in the area.  He and his team of animals must figure out how to get in and stock up before winter comes.  Think of the Italian Job with animals and nuts.

Rated PG-13 violence, sexual content and language

Stars- Ice Cube, Kevin Hart

An undercover cop's future brother-in-law, a security guard, goes on a overnight ride along with him and somehow gets wrapped up in the case.  Hilarity ensues.

Weekend of January 24

Rated PG-13 action and violence

Stars- Aaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Bill Nighy

200 years after Frankenstein created him, the monster known as Adam still exists.  He holds the fate of humanity within him.

Weekend of January 31

Rated PG-13 violence, sexual content

Stars- Josh Brolin, Kate Winslet, James Van Der Beek

A 13-year-old boy taking care of his mother and trying to be the man of the house has to face his fears after he and his mother help out a stranger who happens to be and escape convict.  It will be the longest Labor Day of their life.

Rated R-Sexual Content, language

Stars- Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller

Three best friends who are dealing with relationships.